Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cool Science Fiction Class Back on the Roster for Fall 2009!!!

Here's the course description (watch for more details when the schedule goes live on June 22, 2009):

English 409: Science FictionDr. Stephen Potts

You find yourself in a world that is decaying, but the question is, are you alive? In a far-future galactic civilization, a group of mismatched pilgrims journey to the shrine of an enigmatic killing machine that may be from the farther future. Tentacled aliens have saved the human race from self-destruction, and ask only two things in return: they will keep the earth, and any human who wishes to endure must mate with them. These adventures and more await you in this course devoted to science fiction. We will read novels that span the genre’s history as well as space and time, and pursue science fiction through other media such as movies and graphic novels. In the process we will explore matters (and antimatters) from physics to metaphysics, from the alien to alienation, from the human to the posthuman. And expect a visit from an award-winning science fiction author. Prepare to have your mind blown open, reassembled, and perhaps even replaced.

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