Friday, July 3, 2009



Greetings and welcome to online access for our revised Fall 2009 course descriptions written by the frighteningly talented faculty of (some of our newer faculty are pictured opposite!) Please note that several ADDENDA classes appear below the main viewer below--they can be accessed by clicking on the small, thumbnail facsimiles.

Fall 09 Revised

note: may want you to register to download the .pdf--if you are in the mac universe, merely opt to print it and save that "print" as a .pdf in preview. pc workarounds should be forwarded to pc_sdsu_literati users via the comments section below. If all this computer nonsense makes your brain hurt, then just walk into Arts and Letters 226 and take a printed copy of these descriptions off the wall--you'll be glad you did!


Sherrillo said...

what have all the american lit. courses been wiped while childrens and british lit has multiple options? I need to take 600 and 606A, and neither seem to be available? What is an american literature guy supposed to do this fall 2009?

William A. Nericcio said...

Take MALAS 600D! Cheers, Bill

William A. Nericcio said...
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