Monday, February 2, 2009

Lisa Hemminger in Mississippi Review

We are pleased to announce yet another accomplishment by one of our immensely talented MFA students. Currently working as a part-time writing instructor for the SDSU English Department, Lisa Hemminger is the runner-up for the 2009 Mississippi Review Poetry Prize! The issue featuring work from the contest finalists, including Hemminger's poem "Holy," will be released in early summer.  So, while you're waiting to go out and pick up your very own copy, here's a previously published poem by Hemminger that received a runner-up prize in Opium Magazine's 7-line story competition:

Trans In The Family
The sun is purple leaving the Bluff City Cemetery. My sister oops brother is talking nipples. “Dime-sized or nickel?” A stranger in the truck is nodding his head; obviously an opinion inside. “What does it matter,” I spit, swerving on a bird. “You’ve got a six-pack now. The nipple size won’t matter.” For years, I have been looking at Internet pictures of men’s chests and penises with Eli. One science is more evolved than the other. I tell him the story of me in fifth grade at an Eagle Scout ceremony. In the dark, a cute girl thought I was a boy. I made up a name and a phone number. Mom would have thrown a fit. Now she's part sky, part earth. I guess stranger, son, daughter look the same: flecks of antique gold.

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