Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Read Kendricks Column, PHOTO OPS in the Union-Tribune!

Filmmaker, artist, photographer, writer, Film Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and SDSU lecturer Neil Kendricks has been commissioned to write a new column, PHOTO OPS for the San Diego Union-Tribune. The column will be published every two to three months in the paper's books section. Kendricks describes it as "what I hope will be a comprehensive and engaging column for photographers and artists, photography enthusiasts and general readers alike, who share a passion for delving into the best and most innovative new volumes focused on photography-oriented issues coming from such respected publishers as Aperture, among others." In the first installment, Kendrick reviews the book "Magnum Magnum" which he explains is a a "compendium of legendary photojournalists at the top of their game."

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