Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joseph Thomas' Review: Adventures Into Otherness

Professor Joseph Thomas reviews Maria Lassen-Seger's book, Adventures into Otherness: Child Metamorphs in Late Twentieth-Century Chidren's Literature for the International Research Society for Children's Literature. Thomas examines Lassen-Seger's exploration of child metamorphs as reactions/repressions against/by the colonizer (adults). Thomas appreciates Lassen-Seger's wide utilization of children's texts not commonly talked about while he also recognizes her ability to enlighten some of the more canonical texts. He criticizes both Lassen-Seger's neglect of the text's social and historical context as well as her dissertation -like structure and "dissertationese" prose style. A full text version of the review is available here.

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Kevin Gossett + David Ruiz said...

Professor Thomas will also have his own essay, "Child Poets and the Poetry of the Playground," translated into Danish by the primary Danish translator of Pynchon. It will appear in the publication, Nedslag i børnelitteraturforskningen (Research into Children's literature)in the fall. It may also be available through this blog, for those of you that read Danish.